24 January 2005

For the intrepid ARH

Ron Hogan's You Say Mad-A-Lin And I Say Mad-A-Leen is a great discussion on articles by Wyatt Mason and Christopher Hitchens re. the translation of Proust.

And earlier this month in Proust For Dummies, the Rake gave a bit of advice on reading Proust, in addition to the infamous Monty Python sketch on the "All-England Summarize Proust Competition."

If I ever reach such splendid heights of "learnedness" I will be sure to ask your advice on the translation question.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Channel, I'm sure you're plotting your own private Bloomsday celebration come June...

I forgot to highlight this from the link above (Ron's)--À la recherche du temps perdu (it looks like an excellent resource).


Anonymous said...

Ugh. The translation issue irks me to no end, which is why I'm slugging through some French texts lately, trying to brush up so I can actually aspire to Proust in the original someday. People certainly do seem abuzz about these new translations though...


amcorrea said...

This made me laugh:

"Although Moncrieff's English, taken on its own terms, is certainly attractive and clear, his consistent departures from the original French do serve to inform Nabokov's marginal 'This translator is *insane*.'"

(I hope to post on this new love of mine soon: Nabokov is even better than they say...)