28 January 2005

In which my belief in my personal sanity is restored

CAAF over at Tingle Alley confesses her agoraphobic tendencies:

So: I just left the house for the first time since Saturday. [...] I went to the bank and library, creeping along the highway like an Amish person in a buggy. The SUVs on the road were huge and all going too fast. I am afraid that one of these days I will emerge from our house and find everyone zipping around in rocket ships. That, or I’m going to end up one of those tiny old people you see stranded at the terminus of the highway on-ramp, unable to merge.

Clearly, I need to either a) start arranging daily jaunts out into the world; or b) invest in a Cadillac so that I can — as a tiny old person stranded at the terminus of the highway on-ramp — enjoy a plush stylish roomy interior. There I could sit, just cooling it, listening to Alice Cooper on the tape deck and eating from a box of chocolates, until midnight, when with the highway clear, I’m able to resume my errands.

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