28 January 2005

A lot of love

More beautiful stories:

Among the introspective vignettes is Born. Several months into a national tour in 2004, Karin and Linford realized that while good things were happening with their music, little energy, creativity, or time was left for their life together. The road began taking a toll on their marriage. They opted to put the tour on hold and retreat home. “When we came home, we bought two cases of wine and decided we were going to put a bottle on the kitchen table every evening and start talking until nothing was left. The idea wasn’t to get smashed, but to talk face-to-face and open up, even if that meant deep into the night.” I Want You To Be My Love caps the sentiment. Linford mentions, “I love when the simplest song, nothing extravagant, nothing innovative, can still make somebody feel something. It’s like experiencing a tiny, three-minute miracle.”

Already a fan favorite, the title track, Drunkard’s Prayer, holds a special place among the songs on the album. Karin explains, “It was the first song we recorded and it set the tone for the songs that followed. Everybody wants to be drunk on the good stuff - drunk on life, love, music, the wine of God, and what not. It seemed natural to name the record after it. Also, DRUNKARD’S PRAYER sounds a little like the name of a race horse, a long shot, a horse with little chance of winning, but the one you’ve got all your money on. We put the image of a white horse on the cover, which we associate with redemption, and we feel the songs on this record tell the story of two people finding their way back home after almost losing everything, each other included.”

“There’s a lot of love on this one.”

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