24 January 2005

Source of Heathcliff's rage? Cellulite

This would be the perfect Monday morning laugh if it weren't so scary. Apparently, a clothing company in the UK has "launched a line of clothing based on Wuthering Heights":

Endeavour's new line includes the "Catherine" hunting jacket, pure wool with an emerald-green satin lining, and "Linton" gloves lined with cashmere.

But the line's most popular item is the "Isabella" anti-cellulite jodhpurs, which retail for about $380.

"We use a Lycra-cotton mesh lining that has a smoothing effect, and it's sewn in right from the waist down to the knee," Owen said. "Women just love this item, even if they aren't riders."

I'm suddenly rendered speechless. (Poor Isabella.)

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