20 February 2005

Curiosity stifled?

Ed Champion ruminates on what could be causing "common knowledge" to dwindle:

I wonder if this "expert" (or any educator, for that matter) has any idea that strangling an individulal's curiosity or telling someone how they should talk about culture is what leads to people like the history major who can't remember basic details. I wonder if the experts are truly cognizant of the unnecessary chasm that separates the layman from the cultured. The strange stigma behind an enjoyable book like Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything, which sets out to explain a good deal of science to a popular audience.

What we are seeing, I think, in this age of reactonary and results-oriented education, is a nation that is creating or pepetuating a knowledge class system. The disparity between the knows and the know-nots.

And it kills me to see the mad rush of curiosity suffering such an unnecessary crib death. Really, our countrymen are better than this.

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