10 February 2005


On Sunday, my roomate and I slipped into a corner used bookshop and were promptly handed maps to the "labyrinth" by the proprietor. He wasn't kidding! Many Borgesian rooms, levels, and winding shelves later, I walked to the front with decent stack (which would've been much larger had we not been pressed for time):

Fearful Symmetry: A Study of William Blake ~ Northop Frye
To Double Business Bound: Essays on Literature, Mimesis, and Anthropology ~ René Girard
The Breaking of Style: Hopkins, Heaney, Graham ~ Helen Vendler
Art As Experience ~ John Dewey
Lives of John Donne and George Herbert ~ Izaak Walton (a lovely old edition)

This little town isn't so bad after all: the happy discovery of this bookshop ranks right up there with the fact that Faulkner was the first "writer in residence" here in 1957...

...along with the discovery of an old pic of Annie and RHW here back in the day:


Scott Esposito said...

Please, more info on the bookstore. Sounds intriguing.

amcorrea said...

It's Dedalus Books in Charlottesville, VA...a small shop on a corner downtown. It looks tiny when you walk in, but rooms and stairs and split-levels keep appearing. The map locates the genres and subjects per room...and paperback and hardback fiction are split into two locations (so you have descend into the basement if you don't find a certain book in the paperbacks). But it's great because there's so much to explore! The owner wrote out our bills by hand and stuck our books in old Banana Republic bags... It was heaven.