07 February 2005

Lonely hunters

In 1959, Carson McCullers hosted a small luncheon party in order that Baroness Karen Blixen-Finecke (Isak Dinesen) could meet Marilyn Monroe.

By all accounts, the three women hit it off wonderfully -- though Arthur Miller says the legend of them dancing together on McCullers' marble-topped dinner table is an exaggeration. McCullers thought it the best party she ever gave; everyone thought Monroe's story of trying to finish cooking pasta with a hair dryer the equal to anything Blixen had to tell; Blixen thought Monroe "almost incredibly pretty," full of "unbounded vitality" and "unbelievable innocence" -- "I have met the same in a lion cub that my native servants in Africa brought me. I would not keep her."

P.S. Happy Birthday, Jane!

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Anonymous said...


Thank you. Perhaps Carson and I are table-dancing kindred spirits after all. I did a little of my own on my birthday. Have meant to speak sooner than this and will connect soon. So much to share. Thinking of you...

Ever, Jane