15 February 2005

Out of the gate

Drunkard's Prayer

01. I Want You To Be My Love
02. Born
03. Drunkard’s Prayer
04. Bluer
05. Spark
06. Hush Now (Stella’s Tarantella)
07. Lookin’ Forward
08. Little Did I Know
09. Who Will Guard The Door
10. Firefly
11. My Funny Valentine

A deeply personal record, Drunkard's Prayer was recorded in Karin and Linford's living room and reflects the relaxed atmosphere and sonic warmth that can only be found at home. With upright bass, piano, acoustic guitars, a few horns, a few subtle textures and one amazing voice, Over the Rhine's new songs are often stunningly simple and always fearless. There's a lot of love on this one. Quiet music should be played loud.

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