24 March 2005

Beautiful change

Dear Blogosphere,

I'm packing up and leaving the state tomorrow morning...and leaving the country on the 5th. I'm moving to South America and a new life teaching at a bilingual school.

Posting will be slow for a while, but I hope to get caught up with all your goings and comings soon. And I still plan on relating my experiences at the Festival of the Book and of the marvelous Robert Creeley.

It's not yet available online, but The Virginia Quarterly Review's new issue commemorating the 150th anniversary of Leaves of Grass is a beautiful, beautiful thing. I hope to speak again soon!

Ana Maria


taliendo said...

Congrats (again) and best of luck, Ana Maria! I hope that your new endeavors treat you kindly, and may your diligent upkeep on the lit world return to us soon!

much love and many blessings,

Chelsey said...

It's so weird that you're going. I hardly see you as it is. So take care. I hope you'll have lots of time (and capability) to e-mail and blog.


Katherine said...

Best of luck to you on your travels, Ana Maria! I hope you'll blog about your experiences in South America. In which country will you be living?

amcorrea said...

Thanks for the warm thoughts everyone (that includes you, Ms. TA!). K--I'll be moving to Santa Marta, Colombia. Once I'm settled, I'll be sure to keep up with everything. And yes, this blog will *definitely* reflect my adventures with my newly-acquired six-year-olds (eek!). :)