17 March 2005

Games litgeeks play

Blogger vanished into the black hole of nothingness for most of yesterday, refusing to speak to me. I'd better take advantage of this chink of lucidity while I can. (As if I needed one more rocky relationship!)

I've been meaning to post about Bookslut's highly informative review of the Book Lovers Trivial Pursuit. Several members of my family thought of giving it to me for Christmas, but changed their minds when they realized that I would probably just wind up playing against myself for hours on end.

Something more likely to provide hours of entertainment for all concerned is The Mystery of the Abbey, a board game based on Eco's The Name of the Rose. Think Clue on crack in a monastery involving singing monks. (Must get my hands on this forthwith.)

In addition, the following have worked wonders to take my mind off the horror, the horror!

By request, the dashing Edward Champion kindly reveals litblog shorthand:

DFW: Any author who has read too much Nabokov. Alternatively loved or hated by the litblog community, depending upon how personally they take footnotes.

E-----: He who shall not be named.

Hitch: Any Fleet Street blowhard who drinks and smokes too much.

The list continues to grow. Uninitiated newbies (such as myself) take note.

Also, Tingle Alley's rousing game of lit math equations (by way of I Love Books) is the perfect workday distraction.


Ernest Hemingway x Charlie and The Chocolate Factory = Dave Eggers

Catcher in the Rye + (Pretty in Pink-vintage clothing) = Prep

Oprah - Franzen = Oprah

(Martin Amis - Nabokov) = (Ian McEwan + Hunter S. Thompson) X [Lester Bangs - (James Joyce + Thomsas Pynchon)] X Keith Richards

Fun for all! (My humble contribution? Dan Brown - Umberto Eco = Mary Higgins Clark.)

More fun:

Amardeep's discovery of the Uncyclopedia and Old Hag's crush on Meet the Author (which is incredibly cool).


the Happy Booker said...

Your Mary Higgins Clark equation made me laugh out loud. I am linking to Tingle Alley's comment page tomorrow on my blog. Come over and visit some time! The Happy Booker

amcorrea said...

Why, thank you! I believe I shall.