14 March 2005

Glimmer of hope

This week, Sanders, an independent, reintroduced his bill, which would exempt libraries and booksellers from the Patriot Act. If enacted, the bill would restore the traditional "probable cause" standard when law-enforcement officers seek warrants to examine which books a person checked out or purchased.

(Via Bookslut)

In other freedom of expression news:

Bookninja directs us to a recent blog post on textual tattoos. Very cool. If I were ever to do it (which isn't likely), I'd probably get that e.e. cummings line, "forever was never till now" (don't mean to be giving you more ideas, Mol!).

This one's my favorite.

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molrendiel said...

Oh, fabulous! You've completely inspired me! I've been thinking about getting another tattoo after law school and debating what to do, and this--THIS--is perfect!!! I'm going to have a little competition on my blog! Suggestions welcome!!!