11 March 2005

Una compañera

First off, I completely neglected to mention that last Sunday was Gabo's birthday. ¡Ojalá que tienes muchísimos más!

And to the intrepid Teaching Assistant (who offers another correction to Hitchens): Nope, you're certainly not! I've read Goblet of Fire in Spanish (it was the only one the library had at the time), but hope to read them all that way. I'd also love to get to El león, la bruja y el ropero and Una arruga en el tiempo. I think it's an excellent way to gain greater practice in the language. And if anyone gives you grief over it, just tell them, "Some call it obsession, I call it commitment"!

Someday soon I would love to read them aloud to kids. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to read Azkaban to a circle of schoolchildren?

Harry terminó de escribir sobre Wendelin la Hechicera e hizo una pausa para volver a escuchar. Sólo los ronquidos lejanos y ruidosos de su enorme primo Dudley rompían el silencio de la casa.

It all but rolls off the tongue!

On the other side of things, here's the site of the speech accent archive at George Mason University, which "demonstrates that accents are systematic rather than merely mistaken speech." There are 414 (and counting) collected accents from people around the world. I got all sentimental when I saw the IPA transcriptions. (As an undergrad, I practiced learning IPA for a class by copying out favorite poems and writing notes to friends in IPA.) The first one listed under "Colombian Spanish" reminds me of my aunts:

(Via Bookninja)

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