08 March 2005

Under one roof

Part of the pleasure in reading Sherill Tippins' "February House" — a portrait of the Brooklyn Heights brownstone shared by poet W.H. Auden, novelist Carson McCullers, composer Benjamin Britten, tenor Peter Pears, writer-composer Paul Bowles, novelist Jane Bowles and burlesque artiste Gypsy Rose Lee in the early 1940s — is that it lets you enter a sort of Swiss Family Robinson fantasy. Instead of a tree house on a desert island where all the rules of living are reinvented, it's a dilapidated town house in a shabby-genteel New York neighborhood.

This has just shot straight to the top of my TBR list. (Full review here.)

With thanks to TEV...who has also posted a piquant conversation with his mom:

TEV: Hey did you ever finish Enduring Love?

MOTEV: (exasperated) No. I just can't.

TEV: Why not?

MOTEV: I just can't get into it... It annoys me and I don't enjoy reading it. And I said, you know what? I don't enjoy this. So I stopped. I got maybe one-third through.

TEV: What did you hate about it?

MOTEV: Everything.


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