09 May 2005

After midnight

I've decided it's ok to let coherence slip a little and post assorted one-liners:

Dan Green's (nearly) back!

The Charlock's Shade has a challenging Anti-Pop (culture) Quiz. Unfortunately, I could only answer about 7 of the 24 from memory. Perhaps if I'd been able to participate in these as a child, I'd wow them all and get at least half. (This came from Ed, btw.)

To my utter delight, I've found a site that has actually posted excerpts from Charles Williams' Taliessin Through Logres! I had difficulty finding a copy of this while doing an independent study of his work as an undergrad, so this is a great find.

If you're unfamiliar with Williams, All Hallows' Eve is an excellent place to start--and T.S. Eliot helps usher you into his complex, Dantean world.

Meanwhile, I'm on p. 330 in the Quixote and have finally hit my stride...

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