07 May 2005

More on Palahniuk

Amazon has an engaging interview with Chuck Palahniuk, which includes talk of "Guts," the Brothers Grimm, Poe, writing, and what he's reading. Choice bits:
Amazon.com: What is it about your writing that taps into that elusive publishing demographic--the young male reader?

Palahniuk: We could blame several aspects of my stuff. One, it's loaded with physical action and sensation and lacking in emotions and thought. Characters tend to act without a lot of hesitation. Two, the plots move relentlessly. Three, there's enough nonfiction research to ground the story in reality. Four, it deals with potentially offensive topics without investing those topics with drama and morality. This allows room for the reader to make his or her judgments and explanations.
Exactly. I haven't read all of his books, but I would say that this last point is the reason it's easy to keep an open mind about his work. There's room for the reader to make a personal investment in the underlying "meanings" of the stories.
Amazon.com: Does music influence your writing at all?

Palahniuk: As part of creating a character, I tend to find one song that would be that character's favorite song. Then, I play it endlessly, until the lyrics no longer make sense. This creates a continuity of mood. Best of all, it drives everyone from my life. With no friends, I'm forced to invent a story for company.
Sounds fool-proof! (I wonder what Misty's song was?)

Having had the pleasure of attending one of his readings in the past (and no, "Guts" did not make me pass out), I'm looking forward to hearing what Scott and Ed have to say about their experience. And make sure you guys add any lurid details for Chris!

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Chris said...

Heh. Guts! I must have guts!