06 June 2005

Chasing light

A glimpse of what Sabrina's been working on can be found here...The True and the Questions...slated for a December release.

Meanwhile, I need to get my report cards finished. I've had a lovely, breezy day of grace. I got ready for work this morning and ambled downstairs, only to discover that it was a holiday.

Who knew that you could have two three-day weekends in a row?


Ami said...

Hey Mim,
Have you finished the report cards yet?
I got to see Ryan Adams and the Cardinals on "Dave" and I cannot wait to get "Cold Roses" now!
How was the coffee shop?
Guess what: I am eating a Twix right now and thinking of you. ;)

amcorrea said...

Yup, now I just need to finish the plans for next bimester.

Didn't make it to the library or coffee shop last weekend--I was ill. Still hope to before I see you later this month.

Send me an email with what you'd like me to bring back--it's your birthday, after all.

Ami said...

oh, that's right...hee hee
in that case I would like:
a pair of earrings
a seashell
a pair of Colombian sandals
I'm just kidding!!! I can get those when I go later this year.
just some good ol' Colombian coffee, however much you bring I will divide between us here in Tulsa. ;) Happy Birthday to meee!
Talk soon
Loves ya!