14 June 2005

Elusive allusions

Tooling around The Modern Word (now that the electricity's back on), I found their link to The Queen Loana Annotation Project--"an attempt to use Wiki technology to create a thorough and accurate set of annotations to Umberto Eco's latest novel." There's also a Spanish version of the project (which is at an earlier stage of development, but seems to have a couple things that the English one doesn't).

Fun fact:
Giambattista Bodoni (1740-1813) Bodoni, the quintessential Italian font, is widely used to this day. Bodoni himself was born in Piedmont, where Eco hales from, and Eco's grandfather was a typographer.
There's even a sample of what it looks like (scroll down to "Page 8").

I love this sort of thing. I once listed possible literary allusions in all of the songs of a favorite band of mine.

I'll be keeping tabs on this endeavor.

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