18 June 2005

Postcard from Santa Marta

Well wishes to those of you in cyberland. The second bimester has come to a close and I'm off to "the travels of summer ahead" for the next few weeks. Blogging might not be too consistent, but it will happen. I'm looking forward to time spent in bookstores and coffee shops, collecting my thoughts and checking out the myriad recommendations floating about the litblogosphere. And, of course, journeying through Part II of the Quixote!


ewww said...

ha, i'm ensconced in quixote too! thanks for the link to the blog and the support of the column.

erik (bad librarian)

amcorrea said...

No problem! I really enjoy reading them.

I've finally reached Ch. XL of Part II and hope to finish it by the weekend. 400windmills.com is still extant, and you're more than welcome to jump in. (I hope to post more this weekend.)