09 June 2005

Running meme

So The Count tossed me a little homemade meme involving running songs (or songs you listen to while running).

Unfortunately, I must admit that my intelligence is heretofore not guaranteed, for--alas and alack--I am not a runner. But if I were...

"Don't Drag Me Down" ~ Social Distortion
"A Place Called Home"~ PJ Harvey
"I Drive a Lot" ~ Starflyer 59

(The last two are just links to where you can hear clips of the songs. I'm not tech savvy enough to upload music... Maybe if I took up running?)

And the baton goes to Stuart, Molly, and the TA.

By the way, the latter pointed me to this...and I am eternally grateful.


the teaching assistant said...

I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, but when I saw that comic strip, I laughed so hard I knew I had to blog it. I'm glad you enjoyed it too!

the count said...

I think I was trying to say that anyone who does *not* run has their intelligence guaranteed. (Because sometimes, running sucks. Those who don't put themselves through it are smart -- at least, smarter than I.)

Progetti per il futuro: be clearer.

amcorrea said...

TA--That entire site is great. I found several more strips that made me giggle...and I'm not even a grad student!

Sir Count--Ah! Since it takes quite a lot of mental fortitude to run, I thought it was a forgone conclusion. But thanks for the clarification. :)

molrendiel said...

I'm actually just getting back into running (finally!). The last couple days, I've been listening to the new Coldplay album, but that's not what I would normally listen to.

My favorite running album, hands down: "The Rocky Story: The Original Soundtrack Songs from the Rocky Movies." Eye of the Tiger; No Easy Way Out; a song called "Training Montage" (how appropriate); and the Rocky Orchestra playing "Gonna Fly Now."

Rocky fans know what I'm talkin about.


crocodylia said...

lols at Mol's Rocky!