31 July 2005

Because it was bound to come up

I've stumbled upon three excellent discussions of Half-Blood Prince at Michael Bérubé Online, Easily Distracted, and In Medias Res. (Don't read them until you've read the book--spoilers galore!)

Wow. If only George Lucas had had one-tenth of Rowling's storytelling capabilities while writing Episodes I-III!

Incidentally, today is JKR's birthday, as well as Harry's (as evidenced by the calendar and glass of champagne on her desk). Many happy returns!


molrendiel said...

I've read HBP now. I didn't know the HBP would be [you know], but I did always suspect [you know] was no good. What did you think of it?

amcorrea said...

I found myself agreeing with many of the comments in the threads listed above. They'll give you great food for thought.

amcorrea said...

...And I'm nearly sold on the "Regulus Alphard Black is R.A.B." theory. It makes a lot of sense, especially re. the form of address in the note.