02 August 2005

Harriet Monroe's would've been, How to Run a Literary Magazine While Keeping the Poets Fed and Surviving Editorial Advice from Ezra Pound

I swiped this from Bud. Still chuckling...

From Poetry Magazine's "News Notes" section in the July humor issue:
The program has been released for next year's AWP Conference in Celebration, Florida. Featured Speakers and topics include:

John Ashbery: Getting Over the Hump: The Four Hundredth Book

Louis Glück: Glück, Glück, Glück: It's an Umlaut, You Stupid Fucks

William Logan: Kill Your Inner Child: Reviewing as Therapy

Geoffrey Hill: Squeezing the Telos: Why I watch “The bachelor”

Billy Collins: How to Write a Book of Poems While Playing Golf

Jorie Graham: Toward a Long View of Art, or This Will All Make Sense When You're Dead

Eavan Boland: Women and Ireland and Poetry and Ireland and Women and Poetry and Women and Poetry and Ireland and Women and Ireland and Poetry!!!

Adrienne Rich: Jiving Into the Wreck: Shakin' the Groove Thang in Your Golden Years

Sharon Olds: Licking the Eggplant: Staying Creative in the Kitchen

Robert Pinsky: Why I should be Chairman of the Divine Endowment of All Art of All Kinds Everywhere in the World Amen

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