27 October 2005

Collecting clues

The server was down for nearly a week due to lightning-struck towers (of some sort) and now I'm back, breathless. The school year is winding down, final exams are being devised, plans for the new year are becoming finalized. I've also been taking a TEFL course--much busyness, a few more hurdles to clear. Amid all this, my reading has been catch-as-catch-can: too much randomness, too much neglect of my Spanish. But there have been many golden times in spite of it all. Elie Wiesel says it best:
I read a lot. I teach my students, not creative writing, but creative reading and it is still from my childhood. You take a text, you explore it, you enter it with all your heart and all your mind. And then you find clues that were left for you, really foredestined to be received by you from centuries ago. Generation after generation there were people who left clues, and you are there to collect them and, at one point, you understand something that you hadn't understood before. That is a reward, and as a teacher I do the same thing. When I realize there is a student there, in the corner, who understands, there is a flicker in the eye. That is the greatest reward that a teacher can receive.
I think I'll pin this one to my wall.

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