12 October 2005

It's the little things

Mr. Beck has outdone himself. Again.
BUMFUCK, NC (AP) -- In a stunning upset over Brittany, Ashley, Madison, Ethan and Zachary, Jen Beckville has been named the winner of this year's Man Booger Award for her lyrical anthology of gagging and wheezing collectively known as Phlegm.
And it doesn't stop there...
The award was not without controversy, however, as just hours before the announcement, Phlegmish Academy member Knut Rocknee quit in a huff over the crowning of last year's winner, Caitlin. Rocknee dismissed her work as "violent hacking, choking, barf-up-a-lung scatology."

Essklown promptly dismissed the suggestion Caitlin was not Booger-worthy and claimed to be mystified by the timing of Rocknee's complaint. "I don't know why it's taken him a year to get his Pampers in a wad over this," said Essklown. "And anyway, it's not like she was picking her nose and eating it. Because, you know, that's just gross."

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