06 January 2006

Colombian documentary online

First post of the new year and I've got wonderful news! A "rough cut" of my sister's documentary about the plight of the displaced in Colombia is now up at Frontline World:
At the heart of "This Little Old Town," though, is a story that transcends violence and offers hope and renewal. When Correa learns that a group of villagers are reclaiming the mountain village of Saiza, which they were driven out of five years ago, she joins them on their journey home.

About 1,500 villagers make the trek through coastal mountains that are as breathtaking as they are dangerous, reminding Correa of the countryside in which she rode horses as a child.

When they reach Saiza, by mule and on foot, they see remnants of their burned-out homes, entangled in the encroaching jungle.

But they remain optimistic: "We think that we will rebuild a new future," one villager tells Correa. "The small amount of people who are left are very hardworking and very humble."

As the villagers make plans to rebuild and to plant crops, Correa comes across Saiza's mayor, Omar Pino, wading in the nearby river like a contented Buddha. To express how it feels to be home, he tells her: "I would like to sing a song, if you allow me. It's called 'This Little Old Town.'"

It's a scene to savor and we hope you enjoy watching this week's story.
There are also some excellent links attached to it as well.

It has been an enormous labor of love for all of us involved in this poignant piece. Many congratulations to Deborah and Brittney for a job well done.

¡Viva Colombia!

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turqois said...

i watched that--v. thought provoking. congratulations on all your efforts.