28 January 2006

García Quintero

Read a poem that begins, "Poco a poco el silencio ha ido llenando mi alma de ruidos, / con pisadas temerosas como de fiera perseguida por el temblor del / corazón que afila su cuchillo" ("Little by little silence has been filling up my soul with noises, / with fearful footsteps like a wild beast chased by the trembling of / the heart sharpening its knife")...and remember how your own hollow heart rattles with a silence of its own.

The Poetry International Web on Colombian poet Felipe García Quintero:
[His] is a poetry in which there is no separation between thought and experience, and where experience is deformed, so as to express feelings of alienation and estrangement in small, cruel narratives or in series of mournful lamentations, interspersed with striking images.
(The parallel translation layout of this site is a joy to behold.)

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