03 March 2006

Ramona the trendy

Judy Blume tampered with Margaret, and now all hell has broken loose. In a shocking twist, Beverly Cleary has "updated" Ramona:
Ramona went on with her singing and skipping. She began to feel considerable angst and contemplated setting fire to something. Perhaps she might skip to the 7-11 and spend most of the day hanging out in front looking gloomy. “I hate my life,” said Ramona. “I want to kill myself and I’m only eight years old.” Murphy’s gloom was starting to weigh on her. Perhaps she should cement this with a good solid blast of melancholy from Robert Smith. No longer could she care much about Beezus, who had one of the stupidest names she had ever heard. The name “Beezus” was more Goth than Ramona. It was more alternative in a radcliffy kind of way.


tinuvielf said...

Okay, I read that "tampered" (is there something more to this word??) and didn't know what the heck she was talking about till half way through. Why did they include people my age in the range? I understand the sentiment, but not the softie and pink hooks.

I'm glad they updated it--or not. Pink hooks aren't so bad after all. (What the heck am I saying?!!)

Hmm... I didn't hate my life when I was eight. When does it happen?

amcorrea said...

Dunno--I just think Ed Champion is brilliant.