05 March 2006


My big plans? Get caught up on grading and follow the Oscar Blog, especially since the best I can get down here is a dubbed version (which I may try just to guess at what Jon Stewart is really saying).

The party's already gotten started at Ed's place--take a look.

Correction: Of the three stations I get on this old little box (which I never use), the one that is broadcasting the Oscars (in translation) is not one of them. Rats.

My F5 key is going to be completely worn out at the end of the night!

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turqois said...

i think i love jon stewart. really. though i bet his wife gets tired of his humor, as i do of matt's. humor is a very attractive (and later, tiresome) characteristic. fortunately there are other qualities. and for jon stewart's wife, probably his paycheck.

no, no, i'm being cynical. i'm sorry.

i just wrote you.

and in other oscar news, they misspelled will ferrell's name. i think it might've been on purpose 'cause they had him and steve carell up on the marquee at the same time, spelled

will farell and steve carell

i take my work home. it's a disease.