18 March 2006


Ever notice how your love for certain books and writers colors the opinions you have of certain people you meet who do or do not love them as well? Sometimes it's tricky to distinguish between regard for an individual and regard for his or her literary inclinations.

On a related note:
I'm all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let's start with typewriters.

~ Frank Lloyd Wright


Jana Swartwood said...

Hmm. Profoundly true. You could apply this to movies as well. Anything artistic really. Sometimes I'll be talking to someone, and he'll mention his dislike of a book or movie I find strikingly profound, and I'll just be like, "No. I'm sorry. I really can't talk to you anymore."

Is that bad?

Brook said...

well... I've always felt that a person's literary tastes (as well as music, movies, etc. what jana said) are an indication of that person's inner life, and so in that sense, the literature a person is influenced by is an indication of who that person is, and so I would say that the individual is not too far removed from their literary inclinations.

I mean, come on... if someone says they hate the writings of Merton and Dillard, and that Tim LaHaye is the only author for them... well, doesn't that tell you something about that person, and not just about their literary inclinations?

"books, music, movies... these things matter" (High Fidelity)

amcorrea said...

I agree with you both...which is why I've become aware of my tendency to make snap judgments. And it can be tricky--just because someone has the same literary interests doesn't mean you've found your new best friend.

But yes, these things are *very* important.

And Brook, I forgive you for uttering That Name on my blog, if only because you were making a good point! ;)

Brook said...

just think... now all those Tim LaHaye fans might be stopping by here after googling "Tim LaHaye" and leave all sorts of inane comments about how wonderful LaHaye is and how great those Left Behind books are. And the more I say "Tim LaHaye", the more likely those Tim LaHaye fans are to find this site... Tim LaHaye Tim LaHaye Tim LaHaye Tim LaHaye Tim LaHaye Tim LaHaye Tim LaHaye Tim LaHaye...


(sorry...that was mean. feel free to delete this asinine post)

amcorrea said...


Well. If that happens, I'll just have to point them all in this direction.

So there.