27 February 2007

Everything Gabo

The website of Cambio, a Colombian magazine, has 17 articles on Gabriel García Márquez, in celebration of his 80th birthday in March. Covering topics that range from film to Fidel, the site also showcases a short story originally published in Cambio, "En agosto nos vemos" ("We'll Meet in August").


Carrie said...

It's all in Spanish! Can you translate?? :-)

TLK said...

Yeah. I second that.
The only Spanish we know is Ayyy Poncho! Ayyy Cisco!

amcorrea said...

So here it is.

I've been doing everything I can to avoid this problem on this little blog, but I always knew I was merely postponing the inevitable.

I've had requests from non-English speakers that I post in Spanish, and have contemplated a bilingual blog for a while now. Although I'd love to do it, I have absolutely no time at this point...but it's most certainly a future goal.

I translated a Cortázar bit a while back--being forced to use Babblefish is no fun. But non-English speakers have to do it quite frequently, so why not non-Spanish speakers?

I know this isn't a fair situation. I would post more translation work here, but translations are copyrighted...and I don't want to step on any toes.

Not sure when I'll finally get the internet at home, but I am definitely open to translating possibly more interesting bits to post. Cold comfort, I know. I need to think about all this some more.

Thank you so much for continuing to read this site and sharing your thoughts!