27 March 2007

Highlight of the month

Being confused with Darby Dixon of Thumb drives and oven clocks. Every time I visit his place, I feel better about my inconsequential keyboard tapping--more inspired and more willing to venture out with my own thoughts on what I've been reading.

It's an honor, sir.


ed said...

Grand apologies! I was suffering from jet lag and lack of sleep!

amcorrea said...

No worries, Ed. I was honestly tickled.

All the best!

Darby M. Dixon III said...

Flattery will get you everywhere! Or, well, it will get you wherever I am at the time. Which if you hit me on the right night of the weekend means you could score a free drink at the corner dive bar. Which, okay, isn't everywhere, per se, but it's still not so awful a place, eh?

(i.e., Thanks!)