07 May 2007

Dangerous reading

Maud points to Martin Konrad's brilliant "conceptual series highlighting constraints on freedom of expression," "Dirty Books." (Click through the series beginning with the first usual suspect, Steinbeck.)

Inspired by both this and Maud's additional mention of the "school board member in Illinois District 128" who "objected to Flannery O’Connor's 'A Good Man is Hard to Find' because of 'violent imagery,' 'racial slurs,' and — my favorite part — 'anti-Christian language,'" I'll toss in another book that meets the criteria...

"...contains profanity..."
"...sexual and social explicitness..."
"...excessive violence..."

Related: Darby's initial reaction to "A Good Man is Hard to Find."


polaris said...

Had to smile at "A filthy, filthy book". As Holden would say, "That one really killed me."

amcorrea said...