17 May 2007

The happy dance

A fellow teacher and I got to talking about the book scarcity dilemma, and when he mentioned that he just finished reading Cloud Atlas, I nearly fell over (and probably did a good job of scaring him). We decided to loan each other books, and so this morning I received a British paperback copy of Cloud Atlas (!!), and I am thrilled. I've been wanting to read this one for a very long time, and just heard at the beginning of the week that I would not be able to get it in from Bogotá. This is marvelous. (Delirio --which I am enjoying very much--will just have to share her place in my mochila for the time being.)

I try to keep this blog focused on books and not my personal life (but for book-related things), but Sylvia kindly added me on to this meme, and this morning's good news has left me feeling giddy enough to participate.

Eight random things...
  • I'm the eldest of five children.
  • I was born at home.
  • I took ballet lessons for nearly ten years.
  • I've lived in 13 cities in three countries since the age of 11.
  • As with Dorothy, I "hate, loathe, despise, and abominate" shopping for clothes.
  • I once stood in line behind Alister McGrath at a corner store in Oxford.
  • I did not pass out or feel queasy while listening to Chuck Palahniuk read "Guts."
  • My first job out of college was at The Saturday Evening Post (and I lived to tell the tale).
Because it's already been around a bit, anyone who'd like to pick this up is more than welcome. Meanwhile, I'll hold Cloud Atlas in my hot little hands and gloat as if I'd just won a trip to Tahiti...


Matthew Tiffany said...

I envy you your first dive into Cloud Atlas. A most excellent book, please do report on your time with it as you go along.

Just reading your excitement about it makes me want to go pull it off the shelf and read it again -

amcorrea said...

I'm only at page 20 and am already enthralled. This is masterful stuff. It's great to know that I can ramble on about it and learn more from others too.

I listened to Ed's interview with Mitchell recently and was extremely impressed by Mitchell's humility as well as many of the subjects they talked about. Look forward to putting the pieces together...