20 May 2007


El Tiempo has a marvelous multimedia spread on the recent film adaptation of Satanás, a novel by Colombian author Mario Mendoza. There's even audio of Mendoza reading a scene from the novel and then the director, Andrés Baiz, reading the same scene from his screenplay.

I was lucky enough to see the trailer yesterday and discovered that it's produced by the same people who did María llena eres de gracia and Rosario Tijeras. Looks like I now know which novel to pick up next--I'll definitely read this one before seeing it.

Related notes:
  • Informal film review at the IMDB (in English).
  • Don't know if this novel has been translated into English yet (I think not), but there's an article about it at Amazon. Here's what you get without paying the requisite $5.95:
    THE TITLE of Mario Mendoza's recent novel Satanas uses Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde as a leitmotiv. Set in contemporary Bogota, there are various manifestations of evil to explore, such as can be found in any big city: robbery, rape, and violence of various kinds. Since narcotraffic does not inform the story, the protagonists are universal and, in their struggles between good and evil, come to represent a sort of Everyman/Everywoman. The careful structure of the novel presents the reader with four clear protagonists: Maria, Andres, and Padre Ernesto, who strive toward good but are at times overwhelmed by their circumstances and desires [...]

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