31 May 2007

Traveling books

I've joined the "sisterhood," because a) I'm desperate, and b) I love its premise:
Are you unable to walk into a bookstore without buying a book? Do you love book clubs, or discussing books with friends? Would you rather save the money and get the book from a fellow blogger, without spending anything more than the cost of postage by sending a book to another grateful reader?

If so, you are hereby cordially invited to join a little project we’d like to call “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Books.”
Check, check, check.

Shelley and Jessica of Readers Without Borders have started a fun and very practical project:
If you are living abroad, or living at home - wherever - and you like to get new books, but want to spend less money, this is it! All it costs is postage, and meanwhile you’ll be receiving books as well. I’ll let you take a look at the new site to read the “instructions”.

In order to participate, you have to donate a book, which just makes sense. But don’t worry, the book will collect a “heritage” of notes and postcards, etc, from the women who read it. Eventually, at the end of the list, it will be sent back to you, and you will see who all has read and enjoyed it.
I think this is a brilliant idea. The month-long mail waits could get to me, but I plan on not dwelling on it and letting the books arrive as packaged surprises. I used to be an avid letter-writer, but have gotten out of the habit due to how far a way I am and the ridiculous cost of merely mailing a letter. This will make up for a lot, though. A wonderful development. Consider this your open invitation to an international book-swapping group! (In spite of the title, everyone is welcome.)


Matthew Tiffany said...

BookMooch.com has something similar going, probably worth your checking it out. I had quite a bit of good luck there.

amcorrea said...

Thanks for the tip! I've been hesitant to participate because I really don't have any books I can afford to lose at this point, but it's good to know that it works! It's definitely an option for the future. (Do you really have to give away ten books to get started?)

Gracie said...

A whole month before you can get your mail? I really hope I got it wrong! Anyway, I sent the book yesterday, so start counting the days.........

amcorrea said...

Gracie... Sadly, yes. (And then there was that time I was sent a book from the States and it took 3 months to reach me...) It takes a minimum of one month to both send and receive mail from Santa Marta. I thought this could be a problem, but they let me join anyway (very kind of them).

But thank you! I really look forward to reading it!