12 June 2007

Coffee-break post

Report cards are done, Thursday's the last day of school, and a dear friend arrives tomorrow from Jamaica for a visit. Hope to make more headway in some personal projects before classes start up again in July, and my end-of-term reading list should be up by the weekend. Here are some other things that made me happy this morning:

  • New York Magazine finally asks about other books that should be translated into English.
  • Carrie of Tingle Alley recommends what to pick up during the current McSweeney's and Soft Skull book sales.
  • Stephen Mitchelmore explains why it's not a cockroach: "Openness is everything."
  • fade theory falls in love with García Márquez again:
    After re-reading the final paragraph, I closed the book. I looked at it without seeing it, and, with my right hand holding my left, and my left hand holding the book, I held my cheek to the cover. For a brief moment, I wondered why they don’t make books edible. It seems that this book only taking up part of my mind isn’t enough.
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