05 July 2007

Tori and the Light Princess

I've loved George MacDonald's books since childhood and The Light Princess, a very funny and moving little story about a gravity-deficient princess, is my favorite fairy tale of all time. Someone is forgotten (inevitably) at the christening, resulting in a curse of weightlessness and an irreverant lack of inner gravity (she has never cried).

And so it was with great delight that I read Undented's report of a recent development:
In the Daily Mail (a UK newspaper) this morning (Friday 22nd June) there was a small but intriguing piece about Tori:

“Watch out for… Tori Amos, the singer, who is collaborating with dramatist Samuel Adamson on a hoped-for production of The Light Princess, George McDonald’s story (which was illustrated by Maurice Sendak) about a princess cursed by a witch. The National Theatre has commissioned Ms Amos and Mr Adamson to see what they come up with.

“Adamson, by the way, has also adapted Pedro Almodovar’s great film All About My Mother for the Old Vic, and Diana Rigg has joined the company, along with Lesley Manville, Joanne Froggart, Colin Morgan and Charlotte Randle. Performances begin on August 25.”
I actually squealed. This is going to be good.


Imani said...

This book sounds really wonderful (and I love fairy tales). I will have to look it up. Thanks for posting about it!

Carrie said...

I found this today at a used book store! I am so excited to read this. I wonder if I can read it before my Harry Potter arrives...

They said the book had just arrived so it was meant for me! Thank you for talking about it!

Carrie said...

Loved it! What a wonderful tale! I can see how CS Lewis emmulated him in his writing. I cannot wait to read more of his work.