25 November 2007


I have officially finished packing my books and have entered each one into a LibraryThing account while I was at it. (I've placed one of their nifty "cover" widgets a little further down the sidebar on the right.)

Now all I've got to do is move them...


Brook said...

That is so great! I'm looking forward to hours of by-myself enjoyment as I look through your bookshelves from the comfort of my own home!

so, where are you headed? Stateside? or straight to Charing Cross Road? (or some other undisclosed location?)

Good luck and traveling mercies wherever you're going!


amcorrea said...

It won't take you hours--I only have 222 books here in Colombia so far (I think I have twice that back in the States). But yes, for your perusal. :)

I'm moving in with friends while I continue to hunt for a new apartment. Thanks for the good wishes!

Brook said...

the hours will come in checking out the books I don't have that catch my interest... like, for starters, that ESV journal bible. Did you buy that, or was it a gift? I recently went "translation shopping" and was looking at that one, but ultimately ended up with the NRSV. What do you think of that, and what made you get it (if not a gift)?

I am somewhat surprised that, out of your 222, we only share 12 titles! We would share a few more if I listed unread books, but not much. I hope one day you get to add your home library to the list (although I think that would crack the limits of a free membership).

I forgot you still have another half a school year to finish there. well, traveling mercies across town I guess! I have a picture of you walking across Columbia balancing a stack of books twice your size in your arms, wabbling back and forth to keep them from scattering into the street...

amcorrea said...

The ESV was a gift from my parents last Christmas--but something I had expressed interest in before. I began (but didn't have enough time to finish) a book by Leland Ryken that explained his take on Bible translation. I didn't agree with everything I read, but found it interesting enough to take a look at what they did with it. I like it quite a bit--especially the journal element (although the print is rather small).

That last image of yours made me laugh aloud! Thankfully, I do have some boxes and a little help.

Our school year is over, so I'm busy with last things, etc. I'll head up north for a couple weeks in the middle of next month.

Now I have to look at your library again (and please add your unread books--you wouldn't want them feeling left out!). Yes, my dream is to one day have all of my books under one roof. But given my nomadic tendencies, that may take a few years...!