22 November 2007

Hay watch

Busy, busy, busy. Tomorrow is the very last day of school, so there is much to do (grading exams, finishing report cards, meeting with parents, sitting in staff meetings, packing, cleaning classrooms, planning for next year, etc.). Also, next week marks the end of my stay in the lovely apartment by the sea, which has been my home since April 2005. The 30th is the day I officially move out. I will miss it.

It doesn't feel much like Thanksgiving, but there is much to be thankful for. The program for the January 2008 Hay Festival in Cartagena is supposed to be up today. Nothing so far, but I will be updating this post as soon as I see it. (There was also a refreshing little article on Medellín in Newsweek.)

UPDATE: Still no news (11.25pm). Maybe tomorrow?

UPDATE 25.11.07: Still nothing. Maybe next month?

UPDATE 26.11: News! They've postponed the program unveiling for 3 December.

UPDATE 3.12 (4.00pm): Nothing yet...

UPDATE 11.12 (7.45am): Big surprise... Nothing. (I really hope this just means that they're getting some last-minute answers on their invites...)

UPDATE 15.12: It's here!! (Apparently, it went up early this week, but due to travel I didn't see it until just now. AMAZING line-up!! Now, to begin planning...)

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