18 April 2008

Glad that somebody believed

Nextbook has three poems by Adam Zagajewski (translated by Clare Cavanagh)--keys to an imaginary map:
“The Church of Corpus Christi” is a part of a sequence of poems which are supposed to provide the reader with an imaginary map of Krakow. The Gothic church of Corpus Christi stands next to the Jewish quarter—and this makes me think, whenever I visit the church, that its inner space is of double nature, that some dark signals from the neighboring body of Judaism have been registered here and produced a unique mix of cultures. Also, I always think this Krakow church is the closest analog of the church in Prague in which wanders the hero of Kafka’s The Castle . . . For me the the church of Corpus Christi is one of the magical spots on my personal plan of Krakow.
Elsewhere, Jorie Graham reads at Border's (as well as Paul Muldoon, Robert Pinsky, and others).

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