22 April 2008

No more depression

Thankfully, the editors of No Depression are finding other ways of keeping the publication alive:
As noted when we posted the news about the magazine, we'll be continuing with our website. Hopefully you've noticed that we've already begun adding fresh content to the site, with our recently-introduced sections for reviews of new releases, reissues, and live shows. We're also working on a new, enhanced website -- and to that end, we'd be interested in hearing what you might want to see on it. [...]

There's also news on the print front. While our May-June issue will be our last in bimonthly-magazine form, we're very happy to announce that we will be teaming up with University of Texas Press to present a semiannual "bookazine." Envisioned as a sort of hybrid between a book and a magazine, this new No Depression creation will make its debut in the fall. Look for #1 (or "#76", as we'll dub it, in deference to the magazine's precedence) in the music-books section of your local bookstore -- and also watch this space for upcoming details about ordering subscriptions. [...]

Some of the details will become clearer as we get further into the process of creating the first edition. Generally speaking, what we envision is that the bookazine will continue to provide a home for our long-form pieces which have less chance of transitioning to the website, where the editorial focus will be on more timely elements such as live reviews, record reviews, and news reports.
This is really wonderful news with a lot of great potential.

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