23 July 2008

Praising Dillard

Amber Ruth Paulen at Descriptedlines has written a lovely response to Annie Dillard's Pilgrim at Tinker Creek:
Above all and all, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek is a book of praise; it’s like sitting in an old-fashioned pew and a man of no certain religious leaning says, “All take out your psalms.” And so you get your singing voice ready, but these little ditties were written by Annie Dillard and she wants you to trip over her words. Not the words really, but the “ideas,” she wants you to go slowly, learning how to sing as she does. What stunning poetics and what oddball facts! One must pass one sentence twice-by for sometimes the reflection off the words cause a over-white gleaming blur, like a flash, like the sun glinting off a the scales of a fleet-finned fish or a crystalized beautiful thought.


Amber said...

Thanks so much! It was a first reading of Annie Dillard and she stunned me...

amcorrea said...

Yes, she tends to do that. :)

It's a beautiful piece--I was very happy to post on it.