03 October 2008


In the comments to her post on the recent Nobel dust-up, Gwenda Bond used the term "USian"--something I've been saying myself but have never seen anywhere else. Until yesterday, of course:
Still, I want to see fisticuffs! Effete fisticuffs! And I'm (relatively) proud that our USian champions have attempted to bring the affronted heat.
I applaud her for avoiding the rather ethnocentric word "American" when referring to people from the United States. As I mentioned three years ago,
In Spanish the word is estadounidense--literally, "United Statesian." Is there no word like that in English? The word "American" is taken for granted as meaning "a citizen of the U.S.," although it's only third in Merriam-Webster's list of definitions. (Yes, Virginia, people from Central and South America are "Americans" too.)
I know this may sound like PC posturing, but it was great to see someone else making the appropriate distinction. Maybe it will catch on?

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