14 December 2008

Goings and comings

It has been a crazy week, but I'm finally finishing up my last essay to hand in tomorrow (on how form and content should not be separated in the translation of novels, particularly Latin American novels that share intertextual similarities with the modernists).

This week also brought a great honor. Bud Parr, who is the new editor of the Words Without Borders Blog, had asked if I would contribute a few thoughts on my translation studies now and again, and my first post went up on Wednesday. I travel back to Colombia on Tuesday, but hope that over the break I'll have more to share. Part of my vacation will be dedicated to working on the translation of some poems for my dissertation, so perhaps some of my experiences will find their way there (especially as I live in the region where the poet was born!).

Incidentally, there is also a marvelous article by Alexander Cuadros on the plight of the displaced in Bogotá on the main site. Well worth your time.


Brook said...

I'm bummed your vacation won't find you at the Over the Rhine reunion next weekend. I'm actually making my first ever trip to the Taft Christmas shows this year. one weekend, three OtR shows. Merry Christmas to me.
sounds like things are going well for you, busy as they may be. hope you have a great holiday season!

amcorrea said...

Thanks for the note, Brook. I'm sure it was *incredible*! (How could it not be?) Things have been going well here by the sea (I'm back in Colombia for my vacation), and I've been able to get some much-needed rest. I hope you have a beautiful new year!