04 May 2009

Here and there

A few notes of mine on the London Book Fair's "Marketing Translations and Other 'Difficult' Books" panel just went up today at the Words Without Borders Blog (which also currently features excellent coverage of the PEN World Voices Festival).

I just got back from a whirlwind tour of Haworth, Salisbury, Bath, Oxford, London, and Madrid with my two sisters. The weeks leading up to it were full of essay busyness (studies of Orlando Mejía Rivera's El enfermo de Abisinia and Jorge Franco's Paraíso Travel), which is only now beginning to wind down (somewhat)...as dissertation prep also starts this week. There has been much to say and no time in which to say it, but I've been keeping track of thoughts and things to share for the future.

I'm also very excited about the short list for this year's Independent Foreign Fiction Prize: of the six novels, two are by Colombian writers Evelio Rosero and Juan Gabriel Vásquez (both translated by Anne McLean). The winner will be announced on 15 May.

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I believe you are the seventh one back in the middle row.