20 March 2006


Geoffrey Chaucer Hath A Blog! See him offer useful "abbreviaciouns" and other pithy advice:
Oh newfanglenesse! Y have learned the privitees of the manye abbreviaciouns ywritten on the internette. OMG: "oh mine ++DOMINUS++". ROFL: "rollinge on the floore laughinge". IRL: "in reale lyfe." WTF: "whatte the swyve?"

Beinge somethinge of an innovator myselfe, Y presente to yow, churles and gentils alle, the followynge abbreviaciouns. May they serven yow welle in your internette communicacioun:

GP: gentil person

WC: woole customes

XC: Exchequer

BATJG: biggere arsehole thanne john gowere

BSL!: by seinte loy!

OTPBRB: Offe to parliamente, be ryghte back

SNAPFU - BYXCA: supposedely nyce annuitie paymente fuckede uppe by the XC againe

KRBMA: Kynge Richarde II buggynge me againe

AOMSHJDOTBD: anothere of myne servauntes hath just dyede of the blacke death

EISBYMIWATCHDNSTHD: eftsoon I shall be ycleped mad if worke atte the customes house doth not settle the helle downe
And apparently, Katharine Swynforde has gotten in on the action as well:
Enspyred by my brother-in-lawe Geffrey, I now shal bloggeth myn own thoghtes and tempres. Myn suster Phelippe sayd it myghte be gode, for I am "passyve-aggressyve" and this myghte me helpe by expressinge myn angre. Of that she speketh, I wis nat what; but nothelesse I shal blog, for hit is somethinge els to kepeth myn eyen from the sewinge, curye and cleninge that be nat somuche as putten in my job descripcioun, and watchinge the childeren; and I even have namo monie for to buyen bokes, as I must lende hit alle to Johne for his "Campaigne Espagnole." I do wisshe hym to be the Kinge of Spayne, but mower I wisshe I myghte be hys wife, and nat thatte bitch Constaunze. Hit is but this "karme" of what I here so oft, I am certain -- hit is my punisshment for makinge of Hugh a cokewald whilst he yet lived. Supposeddly Godd forgaf me aft thatt CXX day penaunce, that the prest hit sayeth, but ne I seen nat how so, by my troth.

Pardee, do I sounde whinye hereon!
(via wood s lot via Bookninja and Katharine's via Geoffrey himself)

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