21 March 2006


Just got in from watching Breaking the Waves projected on a screen in a little patio under the stars... It was already a personal favorite, but seeing it like this, given my current circumstances, was a revelation.

I've discovered a new favorite place here in town (connected to the university) where they show a film a week, and I couldn't be more pleased. Between this and last Friday's performance of the National Symphonic Orchestra of Colombia, I feel like I've discovered a whole new city.

Next up? Thomas Vinterberg's Festen ("The Celebration")--they're on a bit of a Dogma kick at the moment. Then there'll be a few weeks of Hitchcock (be still my heart!) and a spate of Westerns (Ford, Leone, Peckinpah, and Eastwood).

I'm giddy!

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Brian said...

Sounds like a great way to see Breaking the Waves! The more rustic the better.