29 March 2006

Thou nedest getten a lyfe of thyne owene

Not only has Geoffrey Chaucer moved and updated his blog (as well as this handy-dandy User Profile), but now he's offering t-shirtes!:
& hereof I appeale thee John Gower that thou art a wanker

Chaucer: funnier than dante, prettier than boccaccio

I study medieval literature because that's where the money is

Chaucer: because Shakespeare was too easy

Okaye, so sometymes it raineth in March: make notte a chancerye case of the whole mattere.
Rest assured, the all-out flayme werre between Chaucer and Gower is being closely followed by this litblogger.

(via Books, Words, and Writing)

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Jana Swartwood said...

I am SO considering buying the medieval lit t-shirt. Hee hee! :)