01 June 2006

On the verge of summer

Day before yesterday I nailed down my flights north. After the flurry of exams...grading over the weekend...report card deadlines...and the last couple weeks of school...I will migrate back to that other native land. Because my last vacation was filled with planning and work and responsibility, I'm particularly looking forward to this one. I plan to go barefoot every day and...

  • pack light
  • drive long, open roads
  • gaze at summer fields and evening fireflies
  • spend hours in bookstores and coffee shops
  • write dozens of letters to a certain someone
  • laugh with my brothers
  • collect books and bookends to bring back
  • get caught up on my neglected reading
  • laugh with my sisters
  • explore long-lost places
  • wander this waking dream
...and enjoy every bit of this new-found mental freedom. Only last weekend I was able to enjoy an old favorite passtime: being read to. And Cortázar no less! (How did I live so long without it?) I lie on my hammock under the sliver of moon, and gaze up at the enormous proximity of the Big Dipper (so much closer here than up north!). Such plans afoot... A glory of long days and still nights... And stacks and stacks of books!!

It is truly a luxury to love such simple things: books, ink, paper, coffee, ideas. I feel like the wealthiest girl in the world...learning how to dream all over again.

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surfsidekick said...

If you can cross off all those items on your list, it's a massive successful summer!