02 October 2007

Delirium revisited

Insightful commentary into Laura Restrepo's Delirium can be found over at Five Branch Tree:
While social and political commentary towards Latin America exists, as well as perceptions into a person’s psychological vulnerabilities, ultimately this is a work of literary art that explores the torments of insatiable desires and obsessions that stem from the darker side of Eros. Largely sexual, but also inclusive of the many variant forms striving can take to attempt satisfaction, which has the novel take turns into much more disturbing corners than I was expecting, inclusive of both physical and emotional violence. Fortunately, Restrepo is able to infuse the writing with just enough warmth to counterbalance the painful social occurrences which surround the character’s lives. One gets the sense that Restrepo is not interested in providing any optimism towards the delirium of Columbia [sic], but through compassion and care, and new forms of structuring, a much different outcome that can be provided for the individual.
He even discusses which composer would be perfect for a potential film score.

(Here are some more thoughts on this complex novel.)

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