29 October 2007


I am thrilled that my copy of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao arrived safely today (and in under a month)! I am trying to get these exams graded asap so I can begin...

Some great (and lengthy!) conversations with Junot Díaz can be found on YouTube and at the Borders Media site. Also, last week Callie posted about what it was like to attend a reading (and includes a list of online reviews).

One of my biggest disappointments with the Hay Festival in Cartagena last January (aside from Chimamanda Adichie and David Mitchell not appearing at their scheduled discussions) was having to miss Junot Díaz. We just could not get off work early enough to make it when the events started during the week. I'm eagerly awaiting the program for the 2008 festival, which should be available 22 November (our last day of school!). Maybe he loved it so much that he'll want to come back to Colombia? (This time, work be damned!)

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